Christmas Laser Lights – 2012 – Blog by Ben Clark-Robinson

I recently purchased a Christmas themed laser light to augment my LED christmas lights. I wanted something snazzy and with a unique look. A laser light show was perfect. It cost roughly AUD$68 + $12 postage.

Take a look at the video, I think this will explain how it looks better than I can describe with words.

Click to see Laser in action (Video)


  • It came with a remote to turn it on/off, change colours, change mode. (Though I doubt I will use the remote much).
  • Also included was a small (10cm) tripod.
  • It’s light in weight, and very powerful (pointing at trees 50-100m away you could see the laser still).


  • The “XMAS” wording is printed backwards (hoping to open the box and fix).
  • It’s not waterproof, so you need to bring it in of a night.

Til next time,
Ben at 21:12

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