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01 Nov 2012
Windows 8 Store App - Page Inspector aka DOM Explorer

I recently had a frustration trying to inspect the DOM while writing a Windows 8 Store App with HTML5 and JavaScript. Finding a way to Inspect Element as if I was using Chrome or Safari wasn’t possiblee.

I knew Microsoft would have solved this issue and I couldn’t find anything using Google. That’s because I was googling ‘Windows 8 Store App page inspector’ whereas I should have been Googling ‘Windows 8 Store App DOM Explorer’.

Now that I have the correct search term; Quickstart: Debugging apps (JavaScript)

In short:

  1. Debug the Metro app in Simulator or Local Machine,
  2. Switch back to Visual Studio 2012,
  3. Press F12 or click DOM Explorer.

Til next time,
Ben at 18:32


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