Kindle | Ben Clark-Robinson

Some thoughts on Kindle (International version) in Australia.


I absolutely love the sharpness of the text. It’s not pixelated or jaggy and to me mimics the look of printed text. Under sunlight the screen is easy to read (doesn’t wash out like LCD screens) and interestingly the more light the better the screen looks.

The screen refresh is weird, not wrong, just weird. It flicks and redraws itself. I guess there’s time to turn a physical page anyway with traditional books/magazines.

The contrast of background to text colour is fine until you’re in low light situations and you find yourself drawn to light sources, as above the more light the better the reading.

The time for a page turn (aka screen refresh) makes web surfing nigh on impossible (a moot point here in Australia as browsing outside of the US is limited to wikipedia only).

Killer features

The inbuilt dictionary (displays at bottom of page when you select a word). The long battery life (48 hours and 2 notches down). Conversion from doc/pdf to Kindle (send from your email address to the kindle (fee) or back to your email client (free)) is nearly a killer feature (I wish for native PDF). Searching within a book.

Downloading a book within 60 seconds.

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