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15 Sep 2017
Scanning NuGet packages and NPM for vulnerabilities

During an internal development discussion we identified the trust we put into external NuGet and NPM packages, this lead to implementing NuGet scanning using DevAudit and AuditJs.

Regarding automated scanning we’re currently we’re using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) hosted build agents which do not allow for custom applications to be installed. If you’re using a self-hosted VSTS build agent you will be able to automate this at build time.

Previously I tried out OWASP SafeNuGet and found that the results were not as comprehensive as DevAudit.

1. DevAudit (NuGet)

DevAudit offers a lot of fuctionality, my use-case is only for NuGet scanning (for now). I used Chocolatey to install:

choco install devaudit
cd <path-with-package.config>
devaudit nuget -note-non-interact > devaudit-nuget-projectname.txt

A sample of the result from NuGet scan:

[35/49] Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages (3.2.3) no known vulnerabilities. 
[36/49] jQuery (1.10.2) Error determining vulnerability version range (>=1.4.0 <=1.11.3) | (>=1.12.4 <3.0.0-beta1) in package version range 1.10.2: Parsing failure: unexpected '('; expected <= or >= or < or > or = or ~ or digit (Line 1, Column 1); recently consumed: .
7 known vulnerabilities, 2 affecting installed version. 

2. AuditJS (NPM)

cd <path-with-package.json>
npm install auditjs -g
auditjs-win > auditjs-npm-projectname.txt

A sample of the result from AuditJs

[2/702] @types/draft-js 0.10.12   No known vulnerabilities...
[3/702] immutable 3.8.1   No known vulnerabilities...

Hopefully if you’re reading this you’re taking a proactive approach and for that I congratulate you.

Happy scanning :)

Til next time,
Ben at 11:21


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