TeamCity Slack Notifier – Blog by Ben Clark-Robinson

We’re currently playing with slowly adopting Slack in our R&D department developers quickly raised a request to have TeamCity pump build failures into a Slack channel. Like this…

Lucky for me I bumped across this open Source project and being open source I was able fork the project and make some minor tweaks to the output.

So if you’re looking a small TeamCity plugin that pushes Slack notifications out take you can download the latest release here, follow along with TeamCity installation instructions here (where you’ll also find the code).

Plugin compatible with TeamCity 9.0.5.

How does it look?

Here’s an example of a build failure notification from Slack. The username & avatar is configurable via Slack Integrations, and the channel to send is configurable from the TeamCity plugin.

Til next time,
Ben at 21:52

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