TFS API | Ben Clark-Robinson

This is a quick and easy way to identify what TFS paths a changeset has been merged into. Simply pass in the changeset ID, source path (like: $/project/dev) and a list of branches to check (like: $/project/release/release-1.0).

/// Track a changeset merged into a possible list of branches.
public ExtendedMerge[] TrackChangesetIn(int changesetId, string projectPath, IEnumerable branches)
var projectCollection = _tfsServer.Connection(); // Get your connection to TFS
if (projectCollection.HasAuthenticated == false)
// Get the Changeset list from the TFS API.
var source = projectCollection.GetService();
var merges = source.TrackMerges(new int[] { changesetId },
new ItemIdentifier(projectPath),
branches.Select(b => new ItemIdentifier(b)).ToArray(),
return merges;

You can use this method like this:

var mergeBranch = TrackChangesetIn(id, "$/project/dev", new List { "B1", "B2" });
if (mergeBranch.Any())
var targetItems = mergeBranch.Select(mb => mb.TargetItem.Item);
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