Who’s Ben Clark-Robinson? | Ben Clark-Robinson

Mozketo blog is written by Ben Clark-Robinson about Cocoa development, Apple and my adventures in .net.

I am a c# .net software engineer by day, though once the sun sets low below the horizon and the Apple startup sequence chimes I am transformed into a Cocoa & Cocoa Touch engineer.

Photography is great fun, take a look at my Flickr photos.

I have a diploma in IT and a degree in IT major Software Engineering.

Home computer setup

Macbook Pro with external 22″ Benq LCD, bluetooth wireless Apple keyboard, MS Notebook Mouse 5000, iPhone 4, and my well loved iPad.

Favoured Apple Software

Voodoo Pad
Littlesnapper – Quicksnapper profile

Server related

Using a Joyent shared hosting server and WordPress with a custom Mozketo template.

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